Recent Cases and Testimonials
Moss - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Moss is a 15 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who suffers from arthritis in his shoulders, unfortunately he cannot tolerate pain medications so managing his pain can be more of a challenge.

Moss deserves to enjoy his golden years more than most after his wonderful mum rescued him from severe neglect only a few years ago and gave him the most loving home.

Moss has started on twice weekly treatments, focusing on his shoulders and neck. Moss is responding very well, he’s now happier and more active.

A few words from Moss’s owner:
When I heard about laser therapy I was a little sceptical at first because there wasn’t much information about it, but my 15 year old rescue dog Moss get gastrointestinal problems with most medications so I thought I would give it a go to help treat his arthritis.

His main problem areas were his shoulders, so we started treatment with one shoulder and his spine and progressed to his second shoulder at session two.

Lauren was brilliant with my boy, he gets impatient being still but she gave him a rest as he needed and lots of positive praise when he was being a good boy.

A few days after his second session Moss was brighter and coming out to play more than usual. He was a lot more mobile and not stiff or lame after exercise and already showing a general improvement. He has his third session today and he was so excited to see Lauren and behaved so well for the laser therapy.

He suffered no side effects and I’m really pleased with his improvements in such a short space of time. I’ll be surely continuing the treatment and would recommend this to friends and family with animals who may need it.
Sam - English Springer Spaniel

Sam is a 14 year old springer spaniel who has always enjoyed a very active life. Over the last couple of years old age has been catching up with him, with increasing stiffness and soreness of his joints meaning he has been unable to enjoy his much loved walks with his owner.

Sam’s owner decided to try K-Laser therapy when looking for ways to improve his quality of life. Sam started on twice weekly treatments, which gave quick results and is now well maintained on a once weekly treatment. Thanks to K-Laser therapy his mobility and comfort is much improved and he is back out enjoying his walks.

A few words from Sam’s owner:
Lauren and her laser therapy treatments have been treating our 14 year old springer spaniels arthritis for a few weeks now, in that time he has gone from really struggling on his short walks to really enjoying going out again. I would highly recommend Lauren and the laser therapy to anyone with an arthritic dog.
Coco - Tibetan Terrier

Coco was suffering from a soft tissue injury to her front leg, which after many months of rest and medication just wasn’t resolving. Also unfortunately Coco had a severe reaction to her anti-inflammatory medication which resulted in her needing several days’ inpatient treatment at a veterinary hospital.

Her owner contacted LaserPet to enquire if K-Laser therapy could help Coco, after a full discussion a treatment protocol was agreed and started. After 4 weeks of laser therapy Coco has now made a full recovery.