At LaserPet we are dedicated to improving health, recovery and quality of life for your pet, using the most advanced and global leader in class 4 laser therapy the K-Laser.

This non-invasive, pain free therapy stimulates the bodies healing mechanisms and promotes an optimal healing environment to:

Reduce inflammation and swelling Reduce pain Stimulate and accelerate the healing process Reduce the formation of scar tissue Reduce the likelihood of infection Improve nerve function

K-Laser can be used in a wide range of conditions, injuries and post-surgery.

LaserPet K-Laser therapy is performed by accomplished and qualified Veterinary Nurse Lauren Keenan, with years of in-practice experience offering K-Laser therapy. Lauren is a certified K-Laser practitioner.

LaserPet can offer K-Laser therapy in your own home within the North West.

LaserPet K-Laser clinics are also available at:

Gilmore Veterinary Surgery, Standish, Wigan. WN6 0HF Click on the links below to find out more