What to Expect

The therapy is non-invasive and pain free. A comforting, pleasant warming sensation is felt at the treatment site. Horses are able to tuck in to their hay nets during treatment.

Owners can stay with their horse during treatment.

Horses will need to be treated in a confined secure space such as a stable, be dry and free from dirt.

K-Laser treatments are cumulative in nature. The length and frequency of treatments varies with your horse’s condition. Even though improvements may be seen after the first visit, most patients require several treatment for greatest benefit.

There are no known side effects to K-Laser therapy.

Each treatment area usually takes 3-5 minutes, we may treat multiple areas to get the best results. An example of this would be for arthritis of the stifle we would also recommend to treat the hip, back and opposite limb.

Each patient will have a tailored treatment schedule recommended and quoted based on their condition prior to treatment. Some flexibility from the recommended treatment schedule is possible while still maintaining the benefits of the treatment.

An increasing number of insurers are covering K-Laser therapy, it is recommended that insured clients contact their provider (specifying that the animal will be having K-LASER treatment) to check coverage.